Vision and guidance for awakening healers, earth warriors, artists, entrepreneurs and leaders.

The work I do serves as a resource to support awakenings, to connect our healers, educators, artists, entrepreneurs and leaders, and to aid in our collective transition into a more regenerative, holistic and creative world.

Through my production and education services, I serve as an interdimensional guide, helping to support the collective from one state of consciousness into the next. Additionally, much of my on-going work is focused on cultivating spaces that encourage self-actualization and self-authorship in the context of building healthy, collaborative and transformative community.

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Heart-Centered Earth Alignment” Released: 2020. Intuitive meditation led by Drake Nyx, background music provided by DJ Kodi Galactic.




I have had the honor of working with Drake in individual sessions as well as attending several of her healing events. I can’t recommend her enough for anyone wanting to dive deep into their inner work. While working with Drake in an individual session, she guided me to clear ancient blocks and difficulties from this lifetime that I had been struggling with for years. She opened my eyes to my gifts and gave me a lot of hope and insight for my healing. As far as her healing events, I was blown away by them. Drake shows up genuinely and passionately, leading you to be engaged and energized. I met so many amazing healers through the events Drake puts on. There is something beautiful for everyone at her events! I love working with Drake and can’t wait to continue to in the future!

April Jay

Drake blew me away with the accuracy of the soul reading she provided. I was really impressed with how detailed she was on a level that really expressed her clairvoyance and obviously refined abilities beautifully. She nailed so many aspects of things that I am dealing with spiritually as well as how they are reflected in my everyday life. This has been an amazing affirmation for me and reminded me of the strength I knew I had when I was feeling defeated and in the midst of a struggle. Drake brought me to tears, she is the embodiment of true compassion, and a divine expression of a powerful yet graceful soul. I highly recommend working with Drake on any of your spiritual endeavors, you will not be disappointed.

Erin Kibbee