Awake at the Wheel

wp-1507188995132Being conscious in life is at the forefront of creating lives that are meaningful, healthy and fulfilling. With this, conscious community is also very important when it comes to designing our most desirable life, as it is through community where we do the most learning and growing! When we step onto our soul path, when we awaken to life embodied, we see how joyously divine this is. It becomes apparent how miserable life would have been had we stayed in our old patterns, in outworn relationships, and how much beauty, belonging and purpose we would have missed out on. Stepping into alignment with the person we are meant to be, in the name of using our life in service to others, opens big doors into loving relationships with our self, with others and our creative potential.

I mentioned, “designing our most desireable life.” How did that resonate with you? Do you design your own life? Does it bring up feelings of excitement, empowerment, inspiration and love, or do you find more feelings of doubt, insecurity, lack and fear arise (because we don’t design our life… It’s just happening to us, duh.)? Our feelings toward such a statement highlight where we are in our journey, and how much of us are at the steering wheel of our own lives. That’s a little unnerving to think about, when used in such a context. How many human beings on this planet, right now, are asleep at the wheel? Instead of thinking in accordance with the wisdom from within, most of us have spent some portion of our lives on autopilot, letting the dominant society drive for us. We’re wrecking everything in our path and think it’s normal. What a mess.

What is becoming more apparent is that we, each and every one of us, truly are the architects of our own lives. Both personally and collectively, we are constantly weaving possibility into life with how we choose to be in the world. Each time someone comes back online, wakes up to the ways in which they were sleeping in the old world paradigm, we get one more person who decides to open their eyes from the driver seat. Then it’s just a matter of re-educating these drivers on the basics of maneuvering their vehicle through life (and that’s the fun/interesting part!). In time, it becomes way safer out there for everyone.

thumb-1920-707419We can’t always help who is driving around us, and sometimes it’s hard to say who is actually at the wheel! Is another person conscious, or is this just old programming continuing to play out in front of us? Sometimes we don’t really care, because we love another person so much that we’re willing to take a fender bender now and again. “Oh, you weren’t paying attention? You figured out how to be more aware for next time? Sure, no problem!” In time though, the fender benders and the big accidents get tiring. Forgiveness is a beautiful thing, but there comes a time when eventually we take the nearest exit because we’re tired of having to make excuses for someone else.

That’s your decision to make though. And mine. It’s all circumstantial. What I want to hone in on though is that we are beings navigating the human experience in these weird-ass bodies and minds. We think this is who we are because it’s all we can remember. Some of us come to remember we really aren’t these people we think we are. This ride has a start and an end date, sister! Eventually you step off the ride into something else, outside of this physical body. And that’s okay! It is good! We might think it’s scary, because the big unknown is out there, but it is what it is. In the meantime we can start thinking about how we make this ride we’re on more fulfilling. And more loving. And more creative. And more beautiful.

01+Awakening+Soul+SpiritWhat I’m talking about is the bridging of worlds, pulling heaven from within us and bringing it onto the planet through our everyday words, actions and relationships, with ourselves and each other. Many people have been so focused on getting to heaven after this life that they’ve contributed to making it hell for those of us who are here. Others have been so into this idea of “you only live once,” that we’ve created a throwaway culture, failing to consider our future generations. We’re even failing to consider who we’re growing into in the meantime, failing to consider our basic mental and physical health for the coming decades. We eventually leave this body, but hey! You still have to stay in that body of yours until the day you die. Take care of it, friend!

We’ve spent so much of our time looking at what’s outside of us, seeing the flashing lights and experiencing the exciting features of being in the human body, that we’ve forgotten to turn within to hear our own answers. We’ve failed to remember how potent a soul embodied could really be on this planet, and frankly it hasn’t been the cool thing to do because it’s meant going against what’s popular. To be asleep at the wheel has been encouraged and supported by all of our institutions, because behind those institutions are people who don’t particularly desire a soulfully embodied population; sleeping drivers are beneficial to their pocketbooks and to domineering agendas.

We have all been part of this at some point or another. We’ve all experienced varying degrees of being asleep, because it’s how this world has us designed. Before awakening, we often go through some period where we aren’t really driving for ourselves- it’s part of the journey. We give our power to authority figures outside of us because, for the majority, it’s what we’ve been taught from day one, from the moment we’re born. Yet as we begin to awaken from our collective slumber, we remember that spirit really does live within. It is through forgetting, and re-membering (calling back all the pieces of self we lost/misplaced along the way), we come to have greater compassion, patience, and love as we make our way forward into divine, soul-aligned inspiration.

2013-06-22-yoga19401582-1That is what this awakening is about. We are remembering we are at the wheel. With a startled jolt of remembrance, people all over the planet are starting to realize they need to figure out how to drive for themselves for the very first time, in a really profound way. Now is the time we come back to and become safer drivers, using these precious lives we have received to do good in the world, to make a difference, to dig deep inside of ourselves to come up with solutions and to build the bridge between what has been, into the beautiful world that is already awaiting us. Re-member who you are.



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