Bus Sessions Available!

Have you ever wanted to hang inside a school bus, get some intuitive advice and sip on some tea? Well, here’s your chance! Bus sessions are now available! I am currently offering a limited amount of in-person sessions out of my home in Oregon City for those who are low-risk and have healthy immune systems. For those who are wanting to take some extra precautions, sessions are also offered over the phone.

In-person bus sessions are $33-$44 sliding scale for a 30 minute session, $44-77 for an hour, or $77-$111 for a full Integrative Soul Session (usually between one hour to 1.5 hours long). Take a look at my reviews to see the multitude of individuals who have benefited from my services. Each session is magical and unique, and is a great way to strengthen your connection to self and the mystical world that is right here, all of the time.

My sessions seek to provide you with insight and tools to integrate into your life to help you feel more aligned with your purpose, power and passions. Healing is interactive (particularly with integrative soul sessions) and prepares you to understand your empowered role as healer within your own life and community.

Contact me today to find out more information! Email me at drakenyxvision@gmail.com to set up an appointment.

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