Community Healing Nights are Here!

Welcome to our kick-off Community Healing Night, on Sunday, February 16th, from 6:00pm-10:00pm at Oasis of Change! Join us this Sunday for an evening of magic, insight, restoration and connectivity. The evening will feature multiple group meditations, sound healing, a live painter, tea lounge and mini one-on-one sessions. These sessions are first come, first served, … Continue reading Community Healing Nights are Here!

Level up! 5 Steps to Upgrade your Life

What does it feel like to experience an upgrade to our personal system, continuously embodied? For years we’ve talked about activations, downloads and reprogramming, working away sometimes quietly, often times loudly, trudging through the time consuming and tedious task of clearing out our internal worlds to make room for the new one that seeks to … Continue reading Level up! 5 Steps to Upgrade your Life