Community Healing Night: March 1st!

Where: Oasis of Change

2037 N Williams Ave, Portland, OR 97227

Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm

Free for Members! (

$20.00 Suggested Donation for Non-Members ❤

We’ll be ending early this week at 9:00pm and heading over as a group to Atlantis Lounge for the Family Mystic show! Please arrive early (doors open at 6:00pm!) so you don’t miss out on group activities. All group activities happen in flow, because that’s how we roll, so come for the whole night if you can to make sure you experience it all!

+ This week Nate McConnell will be leading us through a talk on “The Nervous System and Intentions,” where we’ll discuss our current models of a balanced approach to health and wellness; includes experiential teaching with meditative practices and practical knowledge on the nervous system.

+ Flow with Moana MOmagic Meyer as she guides you through an interplay of giving and receiving.

+ Budda Love will be holding space with his musical tones, guiding you through an internal journey of sound.

+ Closing out, we come together as one, gathering our love and strengthened relationships in ode to returning back to the world, more aligned and ready to continue healing our planet through our life’s work.


+ Adina Eggen {[Vibrational Sound Therapy, Donation Based]} Adina works with vibrational sound therapy using a custom table outfitted with speakers. She intuitively live DJs a therapeutic journey for you as you listen to the music through headphones and feel the vibrations resonate through the table, guiding you into a meditative, deeply relaxed healing state within minutes.

+ Budda Love {[Reiki infused with sound healing, 15-20, Donation Based]} I proved one on one reiki infused with sound healing. Reiki is a universal healing energy channeled through wholesome touch that is known to relax the body and help emotions move. I use my singing bowl and this practice as a one on one session, or in a group setting. Come check out what these ancient practices can do for you!! 🙂

+ Drake Nyx {[Integrative Soul and Tarot Sessions, Donation-Based, 15-30 minutes]} I’m an Integrative Soul Guide, Wholistic Educator and Community Builder, here to help you find your place in the world. I will be providing donation-based integrative soul sessions- a mixture of soul-journeying, intuitive readings and energy healing, along with tarot, depending on your individual needs.

+ Jamie Crawford {[Reiki, $25 for 30 minutes]}Jamie Crawford is Master Reiki Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Natural Healer with a deep connection to spirit. With each session, Jamie sets clear intentions for healing that is ‘good and needful’ at the time; and you may feel the gentle vibration of Reiki energy pour through your body as she connects with your mind, body, emotions and spirit. Jamie specializes in chakra alignment and balancing, as well as discovering past-life and karmic connections to current life issues.

+ Moana Aluli Caroline MOmagic Meyer {[Wellness Coaching and Vibration Work, Donation Based]} Moana Aluli Caroline MOmagic Meyer is a space shifter hatha yogi and conscious wellness coach. She continues to dedicate this life to uplifting the Vibration of this world and to help BEings see the beauty in who they are NOW. You can find her ever changing journey on and sharing her Gift of Aloha is her life’s greatest purpose 💚

+ Nate McConnell {[ 1-on-1 wellness program consultations and tarot reading, donations, 15 minutes/ 30 minutes $44, 60 minutes $88]} Nate McConnell Integrates multiple modalities in to his healing practice. Providing an intuitive approach to fitness training to move with energetic flow, as well as meditation, mobility training, assisted stretching, and teaching self-massage. His highest intention is to share an experience that inspires you to tap in to your creative flow with your daily self-care practices. Also providing Tarot readings. Find him on instagram and facebook @Djcosmoknot

+ Sheba {[Welcome table and Snuggles]} Sheba Queen is an interdisciplinary artist, scholar, writer, and educator. Her main areas of focus are trauma recovery, sexuality, self-care, ecological systems and evolutionary biology. She is also the host of the Here For You Podcast. You can follow her on Instagram @bless.yess @hereforyoupodcast