My life’s work is focused on cultivating spaces that encourage self-actualization and self-authorship in the context of building sustainable, collaborative and transformative communities. Based on Satish Kumar’s philosophy of Soul, Soil and Society (seen as Soul, Earth Care and Community down below), I’ve designed these pages to highlight wholistic ways of being and acting in the world. We have so much beautiful, healing, innovative work happening around us, right at this very moment.

Take a look at my Master’s Comps paper (my program’s thesis equivalent) to learn about how I see intentional communities, and specifically ecovillages, as being incubators for future societal design. Find it here:

Explore the below links to learn more about holistic design and be inspired!

Whole Systems Thinking

Whole Systems thinking, in many ways, is part of the bigger picture of my research and the variety of educational resources I provide you with throughout this website. Some of the topics may seem somewhat disconnected (especially if you’re looking at some of my older blog posts). What does gardening in my backyard have to … Continue reading Whole Systems Thinking


Community is where we remember to take care of those around us. This is where we give back, educate and participate. There is so much we can do to begin healing and strengthening our relationship with those around us. How often do you speak to or share resources with your neighbors? More and more, neighborhoods, … Continue reading Community


The “Soul” aspect is where we take care of ourselves. …There is a whole lot of “soul” guiding everything that I do. Through taking care of ourselves, healing past wounds and cultivating a greater depth and appreciation for life and others, we are able to offer more to the planet in service to its healing. … Continue reading Soul

Earth Care

Earth care is the place where we remember to care for our environment, the plants, animals, and other-than-human beings existing with us here on this planet. Practicing care for our natural world can take shape in many forms. In these pages I will, in time, add more resources surrounding “sustainability,” permaculture, conservation, environmental educational and … Continue reading Earth Care