Earth Care

The Fifth Sacred Thing; Jessica Perlstein (Artist). Starhawk (Writer).

Earth care is the place where we remember to care for our environment, the plants, animals, and other-than-human beings existing with us here on this planet. Practicing care for our natural world can take shape in many forms. In these pages I will, in time, add more resources surrounding “sustainability,” permaculture, conservation, environmental educational and more.

It’s important to begin at home with our own understanding of what a sustainable world looks like. It’s not going to be easy. Many of us have VERY ingrained and unconscious consumer mentalities that make many of our daily interactions unaligned with a healthy world (I am SO included in this). These pages are full of ideas on how to begin grappling with a more holistic approach to living and working with the natural world, but you may have better ideas from your own education and experience. Please share if you would like! I am always looking to expand on resources here for our community, and would love to share your work and insights.

If we want to see change, it means working with our communities, changing policy, finding alternatives to the norms, and practicing skills to help take care of our neighbors and create powerful community and healing in the process. It is a PROCESS. We are not going to do this overnight.

Our urban environments could be so much more, aligned with holistic, sustainable design, welcoming of greater community, supporting resources to care for all people. Our spaces could reflect greater creativity, inspiration, and beauty. Buildings and additions could be built to really last, to be regenerative, restorative and welcoming.

Don’t settle for what you see around you now.  Dream with the creators, doers, thinkers, builders, weavers. A new day is coming.

Check out the non-profit I am part of, Conscious Growth! Our work here is incredibly aligned with what I speak to on this page. This is a powerful, real world example of people coming together to ignite healing change in the world .

Other resources:

The City Repair Project

Center for Whole Communities


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Sustainability Education

What exactly is “Sustainability Education” anyway? Environmental education might come to mind, yet sustainability is a line of thought working to bring in more than just the environmental aspects of a healthy planet. It also focuses on the social and economic aspects of our (I mean this in terms of us, as a human being … Continue reading Sustainability Education