Sustainability Education

What exactly is “Sustainability Education” anyway? Environmental education might come to mind, yet sustainability is a line of thought working to bring in more than just the environmental aspects of a healthy planet. It also focuses on the social and economic aspects of our (I mean this in terms of us, as a human being population at large) in relation to this impact. I could get wordy, or you could head over and check out Sustainability Curriculum: The Challenge for High Education. For something a little less dense, for those who aren’t quite as nerdy as I am about these things, check out the link below for some easy to digest YouTube vids… You know, with pictures and such.

“Quality education is an effective means to fight poverty,
build democracies, and foster peaceful societies.
Quality education empowers individuals, gives them
voice, unlocks their potential, opens pathways to self-
actualization, and broadens perspectives to open minds
to a pluralist world. There is no one definition, list of
criteria, a definitive curriculum, or list of topics for a
quality education. Quality education is a dynamic
concept that changes and evolves with time and
changes in the social, economic, and environmental
contexts of place. Because quality education must be
locally relevant and culturally appropriate, quality education will take many forms around the world.”

Sustainability Illustrated offers short videos on a variety of sustainability topics. There’s even videos in many different languages! Click the link to check them out/

Curriculum Design/ Resources:

Lesson Plans for Teachers on Environment and Sustainability

AASHE, The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education

Wilderness Awareness School This site is so awesome! Free Ecourses, great articles on the art of asking questions, storytelling, and skills to interact with nature (and more!).