Community is where we remember to take care of those around us. This is where we give back, educate and participate. There is so much we can do to begin healing and strengthening our relationship with those around us.

How often do you speak to or share resources with your neighbors? More and more, neighborhoods, despite being packed full of people, infrequently build relationship with each other. What skills do those around you have in the case of an emergency? Who might have a piece of equipment for you to borrow when you’re working on your garden, and you don’t have the money to go buy one yourself?

While we have chosen community, like our friends, and given community, like our families, sometimes the most overlooked community are those we deem as strangers, but who have much to teach us about life, or much to give in the ways of support.

If we want to strengthen our world, it begins at home, and by home I mean our local community. This might mean our neighborhood, but it could also be our local schools, towns, or cities. This is just an introduction, but I wanted to put something down here for us to begin thinking about in terms of how we interact with our communities… or fail to act. I mean, some of these interactions are uncomfortable, right? We’re not accustomed to it and we don’t know where to start.

It’s a process to connect with others and to build healthy relationships with those around us. In my work, I seek out unique opportunities to bring community together. Check out my EVENT page for upcoming events!


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