The “Soul” aspect is where we take care of ourselves. …There is a whole lot of “soul” guiding everything that I do. Through taking care of ourselves, healing past wounds and cultivating a greater depth and appreciation for life and others, we are able to offer more to the planet in service to its healing. We are all healers, and whether or not we choose to step into this role, it is being offered to you. My work, written and in the world, speaks to how we approach our internal healing and hopefully gives you some inspiration for along the way.


The thing about healing is that it looks different for each and every one of us, as we’re all at different stages in our lives, different levels of awareness, different motivational levels for how much we are willing to put toward this process. What works for me may not work for you, for a variety of reasons. Therefore, anything I put out there is an idea for you to consider. I often use metaphor, which can be deciphered as you see fit. Take what you want, and if something doesn’t sit well with you, leave it.

So, how do we know if we’re heading in the right direction? Well, first off, is your life improving? Are you physically healthier? Are your relationships stronger? Are you tapping into more creativity? Is it easier to love, to embody compassion, to offer forgiveness? These are all signs of a healthy individual. And in so, these are all signs of a healthier community.

As we each reach for more of our potential to be healthy and vibrant leaders, who truly embody an unconditional love for all beings, we begin to have a POWERFUL effect on each other. Amazing things can happen when people embody wholeness. Much of what I have to share on this can be found in The Written Journey.

“If you were able to ask your higher-self one question, what would it be?

Better yet, would you be prepared for the answer?

To me, the physical body is a corporeal expression of energy and matter that serves as a vessel for the soul. I understand the soul to be a sacred tapestry that transcends time and physical space, which connects our past and future stories to the present moment. Yet, as human beings we must constantly engage in the present story of survival. Unchecked, the self (ego) goes into overdrive and dulls the fuller experience of participating in a life that is connected to soul, to spirit. To this end, self fixates on the present needs of the body to be sated and pleasured. Over time, the maladies of survival drains the self and we’re left in a trance-like state, oscillating between suffering and pleasure.” -Emily Hajarizadeh

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