Whole Systems Thinking

Whole Systems thinking, in many ways, is part of the bigger picture of my research and the variety of educational resources I provide you with throughout this website. Some of the topics may seem somewhat disconnected (especially if you’re looking at some of my older blog posts). What does gardening in my backyard have to do with my community? What does spirituality have to do with sustainability? What does working with animals have to do with a healthy society?


In whole systems thinking, we begin to understand everything as interconnected and interrelated. What we do has an effect on everyone and everything around us. How we spend our time effects our spiritual well-being and our ability to give back to the whole. Our conscious awareness impacts our creativity and our ability to think up new solutions for a planet in need of dire healing.

We are each multi-faceted beings, with unique interests, friend and family dynamics, and skills and abilities. The more we are able to see the way these things connect within us, the more we will be able to see how whole systems thinking impacts our relationships, and in turn our communities and our environments. For years I have been inspired by Satish Kumar’s ideas around Soul, Soil and Society (Community, as found on this website) as a framework for how we live and participate in the world, and then from there break up topic matter into smaller and more digestible, relatable and functional ideas to be worked with and explored.

Whole systems thinking can be used on micro and macro scales, from the holistic nature of YOU, to designing healthy communities, to orchestrating a beautiful garden. As we move forward in co-creating a healthier future, how does whole system thinking show up in your life?


Below are some resources I think are helpful in cultivating a whole systems perspective.

David Holmgren’s Essence of Permaculture

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