Guided Meditations

Looking for FREE guided meditations? Download Insight Timer today! I offer an array of magical, guided meditations for your various needs! Whether you are looking to just relax and find calm, get inspired and creative, or attract abundance and opportunity into your life, I offer an array of unique meditations, with new ones being added regularly! Click on the link below to access my Insight Timer profile!

Want a personalized meditation? I do those, too! Whatever you want, I can make it. Contact me today and I will make something just for you!

Things to consider:

>How long do you want your meditation to be? I can make a meditation as short or as long as you’d like.

>What time of day would you like to have your meditation to be set? A morning wake-up? An afternoon pick-me-up? An evening decompress? A bedtime sleep aid? Or maybe you’re just looking for an anytime of the day mindful moment? Let me know what time of day works best for you!

>What do you want to get out of your meditation? Calm and relaxation? Inspiration and creativity? Abundance and manifestation? Self-love and healing? Forgiveness and compassion? Healthy relationships and attracting partnership? Whatever you want to cultivate in your life, I can help you to get there!

>What themes do you want to be present? Do you want to be in a forest, an ocean, or a desert? Underwater? In a boat? Do you want to be at a festival, vacation or retreat? Maybe you want to be in space? On a spaceship? A different planet? Or maybe there is an animal, an element, or a symbol you connect with? Get as creative as you want and I will design a powerful guided journey that takes you to wherever you want to be.

Prices vary depending on how long you want the mediation to be. I will work with your budget, because ultimately I am here to be of service to you and your healing journey.

Please put specifications to the meditation you would like to see below! Use the above suggestions as a guideline. Also include any other information you would like me to know!