Permaculture Education for Youth

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Learning about mason bees, 2014.


Start them while they’re young! For those with children, I really recommend exposing your young ones to permaculture, whether that be through classes or camps, workshops for kids, or online educational tools. This page is dedicated to resources to get you and your little ones on the right path towards a permaculture lifestyle.

PERMIE Kids “Sometimes it takes a “whole child” to raise a village. We believe education is about the intentional cultivation of culture based on the ethical principles of connection, love, empathy and transcendence. To this end, our mission is to help you remember what you know, but may have forgotten – the art and wisdom of designing beautiful relationships that nourish life and honor the inherent worth, dignity and curiosities of our young people in the context of nature and supportive community.”

I’m really excited about the Food Forest Card Game! This is a unique way to spread education, and there is so much to learn for youth and adults alike. is a great website to explore for