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As a Wholistic Educator, my purpose on this planet is to help humanity make the transition into a new world. Each of us carries divine blue prints, whereas we can uncover the secrets of our soul path from the particular challenges we’ve been given to work through and transform.

I offer soul coaching and tarot readings, both of which include a mixture of intuitive insights and energy healing. Both of these can be done in-person or remotely and I’m often very flexible with times (including evenings after the kiddos are in bed!). Click on the links or scroll below for more information!

I also can be hired on for events. Send me an email at for a quote.


Oasis of Change, Portland, OR

Wattle Tree Place, Vancouver, WA

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I received the very best reading from Drake that I have ever had. It shifted me right away and the effects have actually lasted! She was spot on with things that validated my guidance. I am using the tools she gave me and they are helping incredibly. I am dealing with fresh trauma and grief … Continue reading Kristin Lavendar Harju

Kristin Lavendar Harju

Drake blew me away with the accuracy of the soul reading she provided. I was really impressed with how detailed she was on a level that really expressed her clairvoyance and obviously refined abilities beautifully. She nailed so many aspects of things that I am dealing with spiritually as well as how they are reflected … Continue reading Erin Kibbee

Erin Kibbee

A novice to soul journeying, I sought the guidance of my good friend and world-bridger, Drake. Drake is an experienced mentor and soul coach and offered soul journeying sessions at the most recent Healer’s Retreat in Happy Valley, Oregon. We began with a series of grounding exercises to secure the soul’s present location as fixed … Continue reading Emily Hajarizadeh

Emily Hajarizadeh

Drake is a deeply loving intuitive who has an ability to channel in a clear and insightful way. Whether in person or remotely, Drake’s connection with higher knowing has been a great example and opportunity for me to reawaken into my own spirit-knowledge. She has a way of accessing particular messages that are of most … Continue reading Amber Tippets

Amber Tippets

Coming to Drake, I was in a very pivotal time of growth and healing; the point where you know you’re internally as well as externally leveling up, yet fogged by confusion and lacking clarity. Sitting with Her, and allowing Her to take me deep into my innerstanding through her soul journey methods, was one of … Continue reading Amanda Marsh

Amanda Marsh

I love working with Drake! Not only is she well versed in her healing modalities, she has an incredible connection with each person she works with! Her charm and heart space open you up to confirmations, new truths about yourself, and the patterns you need to break to free yourself from past traumas. Drake is … Continue reading AJ Ramadan

AJ Ramadan

Drake is an amazing Soul and Energy Healer, as well as fantastic organizer and event coordinator. I first had the chance to work with Drake at a Healers retreat that she hosted and received some major and much needed healing. The soul journey she took me on brought me to places of my mind I … Continue reading Vanzell Kirk III

Vanzell Kirk III

Working with Drake has been a positive and powerful relationship as I have learned so much about myself, and my abilities as a healer. While she has been growing her healers retreats, Drake has given gentle nudges to push the healers to go beyond their comfort level to grow their skills. I am very thankful … Continue reading Alia Pollet

Alia Pollet

This morning, Drake was at the very top of my gratitude list. I’ve had a few sessions with Drake, and this most recent one opened my heart and energy to a powerful creative force, one that had been inside me all along, but I couldn’t figure out how to access. Drake is so intuitive as … Continue reading Sarah Vitort

Sarah Vitort

Drake facilitated me in a visualization as beautifully as a painter would imprint a canvas. The images conjured were striking, detailed, visceral and undoubtedly cleared some very mucky energetic pathways. She adapted gracefully and appropriately depending on where I was capable of going with her and gave me all of the support to show up … Continue reading Claire Rowe

Claire Rowe

I have had the honor of working with Drake in individual sessions as well as attending several of her healing events. I can’t recommend her enough for anyone wanting to dive deep into their inner work. While working with Drake in an individual session, she guided me to clear ancient blocks and difficulties from this … Continue reading April Jay

April Jay

Tarot Reading

Join me for a journey through your conscious and subconscious with the art of tarot! Using a variety of decks, I read the cards, as well as your energy, to determine where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going, reflecting back to you the information you require for empowered and heart-centered guidance and … Continue reading Tarot Reading

Integrative Soul Coaching

Integrative Soul Coaching is a very interactive process, whereby we move through your energy field together, uncovering memories long forgotten, habits and behaviors often ignored, and circumstances affecting your current state of being. These sessions coach you through developing mindfulness practices, igniting creativity, rewriting your story, using your intuition, cultivating deep love of self and … Continue reading Integrative Soul Coaching