Tarot Reading

Join me for a journey through your conscious and subconscious with the art of tarot! Using a variety of decks, I read the cards, as well as your energy, to determine where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going, reflecting back to you the information you require for empowered and heart-centered guidance and insights.

I have passion for tarot, as I believe the archetypes help to define a clearer understanding of not only ourselves, but all of humanity! Tarot is a powerful tool that is easy to use, so in sessions I work to provide information about the cards so that you too might be able to start or continue to advance your own practice with tarot.

$17.00- $22.00 for 15 minutes

Interested in getting a tarot reading, but not sure what to ask about? Select this session if you want a general reading.

$33.00-$44.00 for 30 minutes

This is a great session choice if you have detailed and specific questions you want answered. While it is a tarot reading, it is also is accompanied by general soul coaching.

$77- $111.00 for 1 hour

This session will includes intuitive readings and soul journeying for on-one-one sessions. For private events can include many readings.

I do private events! Festivals, workshops, retreats, birthday parties- you name it! Normal rates typically apply, but can make adjustments depending on the nature of your event.