A novice to soul journeying, I sought the guidance of my good friend and world-bridger, Drake. Drake is an experienced mentor and soul coach and offered soul journeying sessions at the most recent Healer’s Retreat in Happy Valley, Oregon.

We began with a series of grounding exercises to secure the soul’s present location as fixed within the body. Then, through breathwork and a visual guided meditation, Drake tapped into spirit, to assist me in locating and listening to my higher self.

The question: “What would you (higher self) like to show me, in a word?” The answer was not uttered by a voice but rather manifested as an emotion. Here, emotion is a simpler expression of energy that may easily bypasses the influence of self––or in my case, an overanalytical mind.

My response: “Patience. Worth.”

Drake asked me to locate the physical location of the feeling. She then advised me to ask my spirit to show me the source of these feelings through a deep memory. As the memory began to unfold, its significance as the location of the antonyms of my soul’s response (impatience and doubt) was clarified. After the recall, she instructed me to rewrite it––to restructure the events into a manifestation of patience and self-worth. Skeptical but obedient, I stubbornly reimagined the memory. Drake was patient with my response. She never faltered in her role as my guide despite my meager attempts to distance myself from the trauma of the past through witty derision. We carried on in this manner, working through memories and visualizations until the shell of my ego was stripped away and I was more awake to the presence of my higher self.

I did not fully realize a shift until days after our session. Over the following week I returned to the visions from our session and inspected them without judgement or direction. Eventually, I felt a resurgence of connection and purpose. I realized that I had been approaching my emotional and spiritual blocks too literally. I had been beating my bare fists against a brick wall. And while I realized that I felt invigorated by the fight (because I was doing something to confront it), I knew that I could never break through my blocks this way. The sentiment of my actions leading to a fruitless, but predictable outcome, was something I had become content with. Simply put, my approach was an exercise of control: do “x” thing, get “y” outcome.

It wasn’t until I was assisted by Drake in the soul journey that I released my urge to control my process and embraced the failure of my immovability. Liberated with new perspective, I found a path around my block that was simpler than attempting to tear it down.

Everything we need is right inside of us. It is already happening. To listen, to pay attention and not control the outcome––this is the lesson.

For those interested in exercising new paths of healing, I strongly suggest introducing soul journeying into the regiment. For me, the goal of soul journeying is not to “cure” the disconnection between self, soul, and spirit. A cure suggests that physical and spiritual health is something can be “completed.” Rather, soul journeying is a tool that stimulates an ongoing process of healing. It is a technique that activates alignment and sparks our participation to weave a fuller, richer tapestry of life.

This is a review of a soul journeying session with Drake, which occurred on October 13th, 2018.

Emily Hajarizadeh